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Mobile Home & RV Safety

  • Install smoke alarms in the bedroom or sleeping areas. Test the smoke alarms frequently and change the batteries twice a year
  • Practice using escape route from your mobile home or RV making sure that several routes are available
  • Remember that if you are caught in smoke to crawl low under the smoke where the air is cleaner
  • Install a minimum of a 5lb ABC (multipurpose) rated fire extinguisher. Keep the extinguisher in an easy to access location
  • Extinguish all cigarettes and cigars before disposing of them. Use deep ashtrays that will not easily tip over
  • Keep exits clear of clutter or storage
  • Locate your mobile home or RV away from power lines
  • Use surge protectors
  • Teach children not to play with matches and lighters
  • Inspect the refrigerator for leaks. Have it repaired immediately if a leak is found
  • Install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in the Mobile home or RV
  • Never smoke in bed
  • Do not use cook tops or ovens to heat your mobile home or RV
  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Do not wear loose fitting long sleeves while you are coking, choose fight fitting close or short sleeves
  • If your clothes catch fire remember to Stop what you are doing, Drop to the ground and Roll around while covering your face until the fire is out
  • Do not overload electrical outlets
  • Store gasoline, butane, and propane outside
* Also see Home Fire Safety

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